Thursday, 10 March 2016

   Today at a very regular day at office I was told very sweetly to improve my job performance. This was the first time for me where I was told something so harsh on my face in a very polite way. But still it hurt me very bad. I didn't knew how to react and agreed to whatever was being said. After the meeting I kept thinking on and on as to why didn't I put some of my points across.
Would it have been different if  it was told me to in a prickly way? Why didn't I have the mind to react to the situation better?
   I was feeling very broken as after spending hours in office, spending so much time there to perform my tasks sincerely, what did I do to deserve such a review. I was feeling very let down.
  But then I realized why should I let it affect me so much. I dont know in which manner should I take it so that I can't let my present work affect. Or should I be giving it so much importance? I should not be discouraged by such petty things maybe as life has many more worth wasting your time things. One things for sure it has definitely changed the way I treated my job. 

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